Eseul lui Paul Rand, “Logos, Flags, and Escutcheons”,

Sometimes you have to be arrogant and selfish in order to produce great work.

An interesting view on Futura’s lowercase ‘i’

Futura is one of our favorite typefaces ever. Here is an interesting article published on Grafik.

The Designers Republic – one of the most influential graphic design studios of the last two decade

Common ground: a designer’s letter from Venice

The graphic designer Hideki Inaba has created the 2011 identity for DOTMOV film festival. He has been designing DOTMOV identity since 2004 when it was first launched.

When I first saw this project I was sure it was created by Non-Format studio. Their style is absolutely unique.

The Swiss designer Remo Caminada had the beautiful idea and the initiative to design a poster in connection with the disaster of 11 March 2011 in Japan.

This is a comprehensive video in which the famous typographer and graphic designer Erik Spiekermann talks about his profound way of understanding letters

In this video the talented designer Marian Bantjes talks about her Valentine’s Day project.

In this exhibition dedicated to Niklaus Troxler, which took place in Marseille, the Swiss designer presents his collection of posters.

Being invited at Festival Offf in Paris, 2010 edition, Kjell Ekhorn, co-founder of Non-Format studio, talks about his projects, focusing on Varoom and The Wire Magazine.

“Art is fundamentally a survival device of the species. Otherwise it wouldn’t be so persistent. It wouldn’t be in every culture. We wouldn’t know about it.”

While drawing the portrait of Shakespeare, Milton Glaser shares his thoughts about drawing.

Homa Delvaray is an Iranian graphic designer that stands out for her unique style.

13 selected designers were asked to create a poster which represents a musical genre using only one element and one typeface.

This is a film portrait on Berlin-based designer Mario Lombardo, one of Germany’s leading designers and editors.

This is a very interesting video about designer Paula Scher. She talks about her work, focusing on the intuitive aspect of design and on the value of typography when building an image.

This Saturday we made a selection of Marian Bantjes’s works. We find her typographic style and ornamental design very inspiring.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to Sagmeister.

Our favorite posters designed by Niklaus Troxler.

The British designer Anthony Burrill was commissioned by the agency Happiness Brussels to create a poster in order to combat the damage caused by BP’s oil slick.The particularity of “Oil & Water do not mix” poster is that it was screen printed with oil from the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

“Stop the water while using me” is a line of bath and body cosmetics made with organic and/or natural ingredients.

Although the static logo has always been the most commonly used form of visual communication, the new media environment brings the opportunity to create more expressive identities.