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Change by design, by Tim Brown – a book for business innovators


Tim Brown is the CEO of IDEO design firm. He brings into the world of business a refreshing approach, from a designer’s perspective. The IDEO philosophy is that a design-based approach can help organizations in the public and private sectors to innovate and grow.

In his book he shows how design strategy can be applied at every level of business in order to drive new alternatives for business and society. He explains how the process of innovation works, how to think in order to solve problems and come to new ideas.

Design thinking is the collaborative process by which the designer’s sensibilities and methods are employed to match people’s needs with what is technically feasible and a viable business strategy. This approach can help to spot new patterns, break down complex problems, and empathize with customers and co-workers. It’s a human-centered approach that helps people and organizations become more innovative and creative.

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Read more about the book on IDEO website : http://www.ideo.com
A summary of the book is available here : http://www.ideacode.eu

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