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Design Day. Strategy is vision. Design thinking in business.

DESIGN DRIVEN , April 4, 2016

Despre evolutia unei companii de IT care a inteles importanta design thinking-ului aplicat in business. Despre cum ar trebui sa intelegem strategia ca o viziune si nu ca o planificare de bugete. Luna asta este ziua internationala a designului, haideti sa vedem cum putem sa o sarbatorim.

1. This is a great source of understanding the power of design thinking. Julie Baher that worked as Director of customer experience at Citrix tells the story of how they transformed this company from a robust one to a company that understands design as a differentiator.

2. International Council of Design is celebrating Word Design Day on April 27th which is the same day of the Council foundation. This year theme is Design in action! Let’s celebrate!

3. Strategy is about seeing. It’s about visualizing the company that you most want to run, and that your customers would most want you to be, at the point in time when that aspiration is most likely to be most effective.

4. Listen to Debbie Millman talking to Doug Powel who is design principle at IBM.
“Be the best designer you can. Find lots of new places and organizations and ways to do design”.

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