Grow together

POSTER (FeliCity poster competition, finalist)


This is our poster for the international graphic design competition Felicity, Change your city, change your life, 2010 edition. Our poster talks about the integration of different cultures and religions and was selected among the 140 finalists of the competition.

You can read below the concept:
The population of today’s big cities absorbs individuals of various cultures. The process of integration of these people in the community is a slow and difficult one, due to the way people behave. On one hand, the residents reject the non-natives, discriminating them. On the other hand, the non-natives tend to isolate themselves in groups of the same culture.

Our message goes directly to the population. Grow Together is an impulse for each individual to shake hands with his neighbor in order to build a stronger community. Each individual has its own contribution. The integration of people from other cultures will create a better environment, reducing the social problems and enriching the cultural life of the community.