Homa Delvaray about message in graphic design

RE-BLOG , December 13, 2010

Homa Delvaray is an Iranian graphic designer that stands out for her unique style. Her work ranges from design posters, books, CD covers to logos and Persian and Roman fonts. She thinks that a designer’s mission is more than transmitting the client’s message to the audience.
“I do not believe that transmitting the client’s message to the viewer in the easiest possible way is the only mission of the graphic designer” If a graphic designer is supposed to have a commitment, it would be finding a new way of communication for what he/she has to say in order to relate to the viewer. There are no pre-assigned general rules to help achieve this goal sooner. The designer has to choose and try new approaches to challenge himself / herself.”
You can read the entire article here.

Dialog, 2007

International Day of Graphic Design, 2005

Ashoura, 2006

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