NOTES Brand purpose in 5 steps

Brand purpose in 5 steps

The fact that a business offers quality products and services in not enough for it to succeed. The business needs to properly communicate the value that it has to offer, and this can be achieved through the development of an authentic brand.The brand embodies the deepest values associated with the products/services offered. It communicates them in a clear and concise way, with coherence. Costumers can get a feeling of the business, can relate to it, and this drives to the development of deeper bonds and connections between the brand and the people it serves.


What is the key element for creating an authentic brand?

Authentic brands are driven forward by their purpose. Brand purpose is the reason for the brand to exist, is the reason it was created, is its higher mission for its customers, is the impact and change it strives to make in the world.

The purpose gives people a reason to adhere, to pursue, to follow a brand. For by following the brand they adhere to its mission, they connect with the brand at a motivational, inspirational level.



Mark Di Somma, senior brand strategist at The Blake, explains:


Purpose lifts an entrepreneur out of just thinking about themselves and their ideas. It gives them a wider context which inspires more lateral thinking. It motivates others to join in the pursuit of that purpose.


Here are 5 questions to ask in order to define the purpose of a brand, proposed by Mark Di Somma:

1. What changes do you intend to accomplish through your brand?
2. What large scale impact is produced by the change that your brand proposes?
3. How does your brand respond to the changes expected by others?
4. How do you inspire your public to trust the brand and to support the purpose of the brand?
5. How does the purpose of your brand motivate the team that takes part in the project?

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