NOTES Design Thinking – the key to innovation

Design Thinking – the key to innovation

Watch Roger Martin explain why design thinking has a massive impact for business innovation. In this short video he talks about the difference between analytical thinking and design thinking.


Proven in the absolute enemy of innovation.


The problem with analytical thinking is that it relates to the past. It analyzes the past in order to produce stable, secure and reliable solutions. If you want to create something innovative, you cannot rely on tested models from the past. So what is design thinking?


Design thinking = Analytical thinking + Intuitive thinking


A business person who wants innovation has to be open to the logic of what might be, not just the logic of what is.


Why innovate?

We are living in an era in which we need to understand customers not as mere consumers, but as experience users that are much more discerning and want to be surprised and delighted. Therefore, business people need to become innovators, to design new user experiences and new business models.




Roger Martin is dean at Rotman Management School of the University in Toronto, author of several business books, like The design of business (2009) and Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works (2013).


Article written by Concept Machine for Design Driven