NOTES Why should you care about your image?

Why should you care about your image?

In an article published on INC we read about the Kortec’s CEO decisions when it came to his company visual identity. Kortec is an industrial provider of technology for plastic packaging. So why should Kortec – a company that apparently has no connection to design – care for their image?

Paul Swenson, the company’s CEO, explains it very briefly. The visual identity of a business is strongly related to trust. It inspires trust to potential clients, and it also enables you, the business owner, to feel proud and confident when presenting your business.


It’s all about creating a positive impression in the minds of the clients


Kortec’s CEO knew that design can sometimes make the difference between success and failure He wanted the Kortec’s logo to stand out, to be “big and strong” and he decided to invest $25.000 for the design of their logo. The living proof of his good decision is the fact that the company still uses the same logo, almost 20 years after its creation, in 1996.