Products and services designed for consumers

DESIGN DRIVEN , May 15, 2014

The way a product or a service looks works and feels like acts as a major buying decision factor for consumers.

Design is strongly related to the feeling and information that you transmit to customers. You can make them feel happy by designing a service that serves their needs and expectations. A product or service that doesn’t work properly, right from the first interaction with the client, creates frustration and disappointment with the brand. Properly designed doesn’t mean just a nice design but a product or service that is enjoyable, intuitive and easy to use.

Design is a competitive advantage and that is why companies put it at the heart of their businesses in order to improve their products and services.

A great example of service which was conceived, built and implemented with the-design-for-consumers-in-mind is First Direct UK bank. Wolff Olins created a successful brand with “82% of customers happy to recommend it to friends, and a third of customers joining because of personal recommendation.”

They had to create a brand “spectacularly new, different and better”. The concept was:

“Instead of the traditional model, where products and procedures were designed to suit the bank, this new service would suit the customer. “



first direct4

You can read the case study on Wolff Olins website.

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