Designed by New! Project: Branding Lithuania

Designed by: Masquespacio Project: Masquespacio branding

Lista Goncourt, alegerea studentilor romani, editia 2015, realizata pentru Institutul Francez din Bucuresti.

Designed by: Fable Project: Chen Nguyen

Designed by: SocioDesign Project: Twice

Designed by: Bunker 3022 Project: La Dorada

Designed by Daniela Raskovsky Project: Bahiana typeface

Designed by : Olivia King Project: The Designers Behind the UTS Gradshow

Designed by: Quim Marin Project: Posters 2015

Designed by: Buro Creative Project: DF Mexico

Designed by: Tom Pitts Project: Wedding stationery

Designed by: Dot Dash Project: Fatties Bakery

Designed by: Ricardo Leite Project: No one / Wild research club

Designed by: ACRE

Project: PACT

Designed by: Anagrama Project: Carlotta

Designed by: Zeazevedo Project: Ode to Brazil

Designed by: La Tortilleria Project: Tamarindo

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Designed by: Josep Puy Project: Beige

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Designed by: Pascal Fedorec Project: Booklet

Designed by: A friend of mine Project: Pixelflix

Designed by: Marcin Markowski Project: Poets’ Poznan – Newspaper

Designed by: Nedkarlovich

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Project: Graduate fashion week 2011

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