Designed by: North Project: Tate

Designed by: Tomomi Maezawa Project: FUHA – the expression of air

Designed by : Olivia King Project: The Designers Behind the UTS Gradshow

Designed by: Hidden Characters Project: Lamantin Jazz Festival

Designed by: Team Thursday Project: Moving Futures

Designed by: Neil Nisbet Project: Northern Film Network

Designed by: Marcin Markowski Project: Poets’ Poznan – Newspaper

Designed by: Nedkarlovich

Project: Only Connect Festival of Sound

Project: Fli Fest

Project: Nippon Connection Website:

Project: Festivais Gil Vicente 2011

The graphic designer Hideki Inaba has created the 2011 identity for DOTMOV film festival. He has been designing DOTMOV identity since 2004 when it was first launched.

Design poster 48 Hour Film Festival pentru asociatia culturala Kunstadt.

Project: Hugo Wolf Festival

The 5th edition of Anim’est Festival will start on October 8th and will delight us until October 17th.