Project: The exhibition ‘Genesis’

Homa Delvaray is an Iranian graphic designer that stands out for her unique style.

13 selected designers were asked to create a poster which represents a musical genre using only one element and one typeface.

This Saturday we made a selection of Marian Bantjes’s works. We find her typographic style and ornamental design very inspiring.

Project: 2011 “Minute” Calendar

Our favorite posters designed by Niklaus Troxler.

Project: Brasilia Dice 50

The British designer Anthony Burrill was commissioned by the agency Happiness Brussels to create a poster in order to combat the damage caused by BP’s oil slick.The particularity of “Oil & Water do not mix” poster is that it was screen printed with oil from the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

Project: Virtue, Truth, Beauty

The School of Visual Arts in New York appointed 125 graphic artists world wide to create posters showing their solidarity for the democracy in Iran.