Designed by: Pentagram Project: The Old Vic

Designed by: Ico Design Project: Avestan

Designed by New! Project: Branding Lithuania

Designed by: Yuta Takahashi Project: Mandarin natural chocolate

Designed: Atelier A propos Project: Lise Braun Collection

Designed by: Underline studio Project: Art Museum University of Toronto

Designed by: Toormix Project: Modacc

Designed by: Masquespacio Project: Masquespacio branding

Designed by: Shun Sasaki Project: Typography

Tipografie personalizata pentru festivalul de film UrbanEye.

Heartwood este un brand de home decor cu accente retro-vintage.

Propunere logo si identitate vizuala ImageEst – organizatie de promovare a artelor vizuale si cinematografice din Franta.

Designed by: Christopher & Co Project: Eat Burger

Designed by: Tank Design project: BØLGEBLIKK

Designed by: Freytag Anderson Project: Rethink Ikea logo

Designed by: Collins Project: Eight Rooftop garden packaging

Designed by: Construct Project: Claridge’s

Designed by: SocioDesign Project: Twice

Designed by: Paula Scher, Pentagram Project: Atlantic Theater Company

Designed by: Anti Project: Talas

Designed by: Violaine & Jeremy Project: THÉÂTRE DES BOUFFES DU NORD

Designed by: Mariano Fiore Project: Ana Banana DJ

Designed by: Tomomi Maezawa Project: FUHA – the expression of air

Designed by: Ira Smolikova Project: Poplavok / fishing float

UK Transport Type was originally designed by Jock Kinneir & Margaret Calvert in the 1960s. Now the New Transport type has been digitally adapted by Margaret Calvert & Henrik Kubel and it is available in six weights.

Designed by: U-P Project: Object Gallery

Designed by: Sebastian Bednarek Project: Savin Paris

Designed by: Werklig Project: Victor Vasarely

Designed by: Hidden Characters Project: Lamantin Jazz Festival

Designed by: Neue Project: Paleet

Designed by: Javas Lehn Studio Project: Tiny Empire

Designed by: Lucia Izco Project: Las Palabras Pintadas

Designed by: Atelier Ivorin Project: 10 Things I Have Learned

Designed by: DiG Berlin project: Joy Day

Designed by: CDLX Project: IKKM

Designed by: Zeazevedo Project: Ode to Brazil

Designed by: La Tortilleria Project: Tamarindo

Designed by: Oscar Pastarus Project: Lined font

Designed by: Shaz Madani Project: Hoxton Newspaper

Designed by: Neil Nisbet Project: Northern Film Network

Designed by: Project: Sudpol 2010

Concept Machine is featured on Typo/Graphic Posters, a renown platform for inspiration and promotion of good design. typo

Designed by: Elvire Delanote Project: Choco communication agency

Designed by : Bureau for Visual Affairs Project: The Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design

Designed by Blok Project: Laboratorio Para La Ciudad

Designed by: A friend of mine Project: Pixelflix